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Software Solutions

The Bloom Group is a solution provider and technology consultant for Credit Unions that utilize the Symitar Episys System.  We are enjoying our 43rd year working with Credit Unions and our 21st year working with the Symitar Episys System.  Let us help your Credit Union with your Software, Technology, and Consulting needs by calling or emailing us today. 

DashBoards and InfoSteward

We offer a DashBoards Package that includes 20 custom DashBoards with accompanying Management Reports.  We will work with each Credit Union to tailor the package to meet each Credit Union's specific needs.  Additionally, a new product called an "InfoSteward" has recently been released that mixes technology, video, and banking.  It functions with scalable touch screens and interacts directly with the core system to display dashboard-type data, analyze real-time data for automated Cross-Selling, displays promotional material and features interactive videos for existing and new products, and allows members to input data for new member applications and new loan applications, which, in turn, improves efficiencies and decreases wait time for the members thus enhancing their overall Credit Union experience. 

Computer, EPI System in Peachtree City, GA

PowerOn Catalog Package
This unique package helps the credit union know which PowerOn's are being used and when they were last run.  It assists in determining the author and identifies the functionality by categorizing them as reports, feeing, import/export, SymConnect, SymForm, etc.  It ascertains which PowerOn's perform file maintenance in batch or real-time and those that execute transactions in real-time.  The catalog generates not only reports but can also build comma delimited files that can be downloaded and used within Excel, SQL, Access, and other database tools to provide other key information such as where specific algorithms can be found thus saving time and effort. 

Other Products and Services
Courtesy Pay, Skip-A-Pay Loans, Holiday Loans, Address Update Package, Scheduler, Converge On-Line in-house portal for distributing board packets, Optical import utility, ID Verify, and EZ Check Collections package for streamlining over the phone collections procedures are some of the solutions provided by the Bloom Group.  Services include Database Verification for finding and correcting database errors on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  Custom  on-site training for back-office staff and classes for Repgen/PowerOn, SymForm, and SymForm PDF programmers can be designed by the credit union to cover wide ranges of topics for as many credit union staff as desired.

Custom Product Development
Our developers are skilled with PowerOn, SymForm, SymForm PDF, SymConnect, Interactive Specfiles, .NET, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML and more.  ARCU customization is also one of our specialities.  Developers interact directly with your internal team in completing any size project.

Learn how you can implement our Solutions described above when you contact us.

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